Infrastructure as Architecture: Designing Composite Networks

Edited by Scott Lloyd & Katrina Stoll

Within the past one hundred years, infrastructure has played a key role in dramatically reformatting the built fabric and spatial reserves, and will continue to do so in the future. The involvement of architects is necessary to shape the development of infrastructural design.

Infrastructure as Architecture contains a selection of influential architects and writers who have critically evaluated the coupling of these fields through essays and projects. The book is structured by five organizing themes that frame the diverse approaches to the subject, namely: Infrastructure Economy, Infrastructure Ecology, Infrastructure Culture, Infrastructure Politics, and Infrastructure Space/Networks.


Stan Allen, Bureau E.A.S.T., Mark Campbell & Deane Simpson, Stefano Casciani, Dana Cuff, Alexander D'Hooghe, Keller Easterling, Lateral Office, Jesse LeCavalier, MVRDV, Stephen Read & Patrizia Sulis, Simon Sellars, Kelly Shannon, Cary Siress, Jonathan D Solomon, Katrina Stoll & Scott Lloyd, Georgeen Theodore, Geoffrey Thün & Kathy Velikov, UrbanLab, and Urban Think Tank.

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